Bainbridge – Beautiful Old Homes

Bainbridge, GA – Decatur County – Incorporated in 1829, Bainbridge is one beautiful town!  Located along the Flint River,  the variety of old homes is impressive.  Before being named Bainbridge, it was known as Fort Hughes, Burgess Town, and Pucknawhitla.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing homes around town.

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Bainbridge – “Steamboat House”

Bainbridge, Georgia – Decatur County  – The Callahan – Penhallegon House (built 1907), often referred to as the  “Steamboat House”, is one of the finest Neo Classical homes in Southwest Georgia.  I found several old photographs of the home and learned more about the family – and share more about this amazing home!

“Steamboat House”, built 1907

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Home of the “Woman Who Saved College Football in Georgia”

Rome, Georgia – College Football in Georgia was almost outlawed?  The state legislature voted to ban college football in Georgia way back in 1897. Yes, really!  Read on for the details and how one woman saved college football in Georgia.

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Oxford, GA – Beautiful Old Homes

Oxford, Newton County – There are a lot of beautiful old homes in Oxford!  I had the chance to visit on a brisk (OK let’s just call it REALLY COLD) morning.  Before the trip, I knew Emory at Oxford is here. Officially it’s Oxford College of Emory University.  There’s a lot of history – and this is also the birthplace of Georgia Tech?  Yes, it sure is.

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10 Favorite Old Homes in 2017

Happy New Year!  Looking back through 2017, we saw some amazing Old Homes in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi!  This would have published earlier but I’ve been recovering from the Rose Bowl – what a game.  Go Dawgs! Getting to just 10 homes is difficult – would rather use a top 100 but figured that post would be way too long LOL.   These are in no particular order!

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