Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers House, c 1849 – Athens

Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers House, c 1849

Athens, GA – Clarke County – The history of the family at this antebellum Athens mansion s just amazing.  Built circa 1849 for Howell and Mary Ann Lamar Cobb, this served as their home throughout a storied political career.

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Blount-Parks-Mara-Williams House, c1818 – Milledgeville

Blount-Parks-Mara-Williams Home

Milledgeville, GA – Baldwin County –  I love to walk around Milledgeville, the antebellum capital of Georgia.  So many beautiful old homes in the area.  I had to stop and admire this 1818 house – and it turns out this house has been moved 4 times in Milledgeville!

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