Chickamauga, Georgia – Looking good for a 168 year old home!  The Gordon-Lee Mansion took 7 years to be completed.  Can you imagine 7 years to build your dream home?  This is the only building standing that was a part of the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863.

Before this house was built, this site was significant – it was the site of the first Cherokee Courthouse and also used by settlers as their seat of government in the area.  During the Civil War, the home served as a hospital for both sides – and General Rosecrans used the parlor to plot strategy for the Battle of Chickamauga.

The house is open to the public between Memorial and Labor Days each year.  Naturally I discovered this the weekend before Labor Day, so off to Chickamauga I went.  Upon walking up the long drive, met a nice lady from the Friendsof Gordon-Lee Mansion, paid my ticket fee and was about to walk in when I was stopped…by someone’s Mawmaw!  A family was touring the house and Mawmaw was in a wheelchair so she didn’t go in.  I said hello to her and asked her how she was doing.  She asked me if I had brought her a hamburger because she was hungry LOL!  That’s me, your cultured tourist.

The first floor had the usual suspects – Library, Parlor, Dining Room, and my favorite – a warming kitchen.  Despite this being a self-guided tour, I somehow ended up with 2-3 people blocking my way into each room, so these photos are the “yo I’m making photos over your heads people!” variety.


Now the warming kitchen, that was my favorite – includes a toaster from the 1840s, spinning wheel, and candle molds.


Headed upstairs after this, big center hall 3 bedrooms, and a room that’s a museum of various relics found around the house.  Didn’t linger too long as a lot of the relics were medical instruments – not my thing!  Interestingly in the bedrooms it’s mentioned how the big 4 poster beds were designed to be quickly assembled/disassembled – after all, this was the frontier!  Never knew when you might have to pack up and move FAST. And yes, pro photographer manages to get himself in the photo.  #winning


Looking off the front balcony you get a sense of the expanse of front lawn.


Glad I made the short drive up to Chickamauga.  Despite growing up around Atlanta, never made it up here before.  Really pretty area of Georgia, and several interesting old homes to check out. Just remember – wait until after Memorial Day!

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