Morgan County, Georgia – Let’s go check out Nolan House, which is a big old abandoned house, vacant for about 35 years now.

Built in 1905 by James Alonzo Nolan, this was the center of a 2000 acre cotton farming operation.  Not only does the house remain, there is a crossroads that has the original store/commissary for the sharecroppers (oh wait, we say tenants now, that sounds nicer), mule barn, and sharecropper  tenant cabins.  IMG_3193

I was surprised by what good shape the interior was in, all things considered.  In the downstairs hallway, you can’t help but notice the stairs were painted sunshine yellow at one point.

Hall Stairway

Of course with the house being empty so long, some of the details aren’t there as you peer into rooms…

Interior Room Nolan House


I would love to know what was in the niches on the sides of the doorway.



And of course years of neglect made things a little rough on an addition to the house.



Of course I had to see how things looked from the upstairs balcony…

Upstairs balcony


I know it needs LOTS of work…

Porch Ceiling




This is one I look at and think “it can be saved and brought back to its former glory”.  Beautiful land around the house.


View from back of house


There are several of the crossroads buildings still standing, including the commissary and mule barn.


This one is leaning just a bit…

Leaning.....Mule Barn

Thanks for looking at this beautiful old home! Amazing to see an abandoned big old house like this. Hope you enjoyed this post!




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  1. Thank you so much for posting the beautiful old homes of Georgia !
    I’m from the south and you make me so homesick for home . Please keep on posting these pictures. I for one appreciate looking at the architect of old!!!

  2. I am visiting Eufaula Alabama for the 1st time. Got back to our room for the evening, started looking old home and came across your blog. Seriously addicted at the moment. Way past my bedtime, we head home to Woodstock Alabama in a few hours. I will be back for more. Thank you so much for the interesting reads and photos

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