Social Circle, GA – Walton County – First off, Happy May!  So glad to have some great weather again, and had a chance to visit Social Circle.  Don’t you just love the name Social Circle? This town of about 3,500 got its name back in the 1800s because it was such a friendly place.  It’s still very friendly in 2015, with a Welcome/Visitors Center just off the main intersection in town.  This is the crossroads of two Creek Indian trading trails. You may have heard of it, as Nathalie Dupree lived here for a long time, and part of her PBS series was filmed right here.  Speaking of Southern Food, no trip to Social Circle is complete without a stop at The Blue Willow Inn where you can fill up on some fantastic down-home cooking.   Downtown Social Circle After spending some time in the Welcome Center, I was ready to walk around and see some of the beautiful old homes in this town.  The Historic Society HQ is in Gunter Hall, and it’s actually in its third location, behind the library.  Originally built as a Federal style house, it was remodeled in the 1890s and that’s when the fancy porch latticework was added.  Looking at the front, it looks huge! Gunter Hall Front And then when you go around to the side of the house, you see that it was built as a 2 room over 2 room house (with later addition off the back). Gunter Hall Side View This is the Standard-Stoddard-Dupree House, built around 1910.  It has a history of great food and gracious entertaining!  The original owners had large dinners around their dining room table that could seat up to 30 guests.  This is the home that Nathalie Dupree lived in, and also where one of her PBS series was filmed. Stanton-Stoddard-Dupree Home Built in 1872, this is the Catherin Gresham Townhouse.  It’s considered a New England style snow house, of all things!  It just has such a welcoming look to it! Catherine Gresham Townhouse As I kept walking, was excited to see this old beauty in the process of being restored to its former glory. Renovation Several folks were working away on this big old Georgia Home! Renovation 2 I always love homes with great front porches, and walking along I saw quite a few great ones… Social Circle 4 Social Circle 5 Social Circle 6   I had to do a double-take looking at one front porch, as seeing this brought back some childhood memories! Rocking Horse Finally, we end up at the Will T Knox house, from 1897.  This is one big house!  The Knox family lived in many of the big houses along this street.  This is considered Queen Anne style with a lot of gingerbread on it. Will T Knox House As I walked past this house, I got a sense of how big this one is! Knox House 2 There’s a lot more beautiful homes to check out in Social Circle.  Thanks so much for coming along and walking through Social Circle!

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