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Warm Springs, Georgia –  It’s like a 1945 time capsule to visit this house – everything’s been left just as it was when FDR passed away April 12, 1945.  FDR’s Little White House is located just outside of the Warm Springs Historic District in Meriwether County, and there’s a small museum you tour ahead of going inside the house.

The Little White House was built in 1932 – in the midst of the Great Depression.  I liked going through the museum ahead of the house, as you got a sense of the 1930s, rural electrification programs, etc.  Fun to see a typical 1930s kitchen in the museum!

1930s Kitchen


Having some photos of the era in the museum helped make things come to life, such as the car that was customized for FDR – check out the FDR1 license plate!

FDR Museum

Driving FDR1

The museum has a poignant reminder that this is where FDR passed away – the unfinished portrait he was sitting for on April 12, 1945.

Unfinished Portrait

The house is in an idyllic setting, where first you see the Secret Service Guard House, and the guest house and staff quarters – these are some small quarters!

Sentry Post



I was eager to check out the quarters – and believe me, they are tight when you get inside!

Little White House Guest House

Staff Quarters

The Little White House is one of those homes you walk in and immediately feel comfortable in – there’s a combination Living Room and Dining Room, couple of bedrooms and a small kitchen in the family area.  Think of the history here!  There’s even the Dictaphone that the President used, and fireside chats were recorded right here during the Great Depression and World War 2.

Little White House Living Room 2


Little White House Dining

Before visiting here, I thought it was going to be an extremely grand home inside – and while it’s not the grandest, everything just looks right in this setting.

Little White House Bedroom

President’s Desk – quite a change from what we see at the Oval Office!

Little White House President's Desk

Eleanor Roosevelt didn’t visit here much – but the children did, and there’s a guest room adjacent to the President’s bedroom.

Little White House Guest Bedroom

This is definitely a site that’s worth making the drive to go and visit!  Thanks so much for visiting this site with me – I appreciate it!









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