Madison, GA – A trip to Madison, Georgia is a favorite. Time to look at some historic homes in Madison! This is one beautiful small town, established in 1809.  It is said that when General Sherman came through in 1864, he spared the town because it was “too pretty to burn”.  True or not, it is a pretty town.  There are so many old homes in this town of approximately 4,000 and walking around I enjoyed looking at all the front porches, American flags, and mature landscaping.  I tried to look for and share some homes that I had not seen photographed as often.

They have a couple of tours of homes each year, one in the Spring and one just before Christmas.  If you want to visit Madison, Georgia – a great resource is the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center as they have a calendar you can take a look at. Madison is the county seat of Morgan County.

The Kolb-Foster House has had several updates since originally built in the late 1830s, love that wraparound porch!

Kolb-Foster 1837
Kolb-Foster House, circa 1837 with some later updates.

Now this is one built in 1840, sitting on a double lot.  I just want to hang out on that front porch!

Circa 1840

Now this is one grand home!

Madison GA

 General Sherman said “Madison is too pretty to burn”

Madison was along the stagecoach route from Charleston to New Orleans, and the Stagecoach House below dates to 1810.  It has had some additions and more of a Greek Revival update in the 1840s, but amazing it’s still here.  Think about it, it’s been here for 215 years!  If those walls could talk….


This is Boxwood, built 1851-1852, named for the gardens on the back side of the house here.  Called an Italian styled cottage when it was built, this home has been in the same family since 1906.  Some of the original parlor furnishings are on display at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center.


Another great porch – this is the Fitzpatrick-Walker-Miles House, circa 1900.

Front Porch

And this yellow house really has the look of home. This is the Jarboe-Cunningham House, built in 1907.

Jarboe-Cunningham House, Built 1907

Whenever I think of Madison, Georgia – this is the kind of house that comes to mind!  There are quite a few antebellum and classic revival houses, so if you love big old houses with white columns, you’ll get your fill in Madison, Georgia.

Hill Baldwin Huggins Home Circa 1842

This is the Winter House, circa 1896 – check out that detailing on the porch.  I’d hate to have to paint that woodwork!  But what a fun looking house!

Winter House Circa 1896

I didn’t get any information on this house, but that front porch sure looks inviting!


And just one more with the great front porch going on before we leave Madison.

Madison, Georgia

Madison is about an hour east of Atlanta on I-20, and not only does it have great old homes, the downtown has a great variety of shops and restaurants.  This is one of my favorite small towns in Georgia – and hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at some favorite homes here.

You don’t have to wait for a tour of homes to tour an Antebellum home, as Heritage Hall is open for tours all of the time.  Full details of Heritage Hall are on their website.  This is one special home, and if you get a chance take their tour!


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