Greenville, GA –  Had the chance to visit Greenville, GA this weekend. It’s the county seat of Meriwether County, about 55 miles southwest of Atlanta.  Greenville is a small town, with a population of about 950.  And quite a few  historic homes on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Warner-Hill-Clark House, pictured below is on the National Register.  This is actually 2 single story houses put together!  Originally built in 1836, another was added to the house to create the second story in 1869.  There’s a little bit of difference in the wood between the first and second floor, since they were originally two different houses.  Even better, it’s for sale and there are quite a few pictures of the interior you can see here.

Warner Hill Clark House

Not too far down the road is another one of my favorites, the Burwell O. Hill House with imposing columns below.  The story on this house – it was originally built in 1893 as a Victorian Style house.  This was towards the very end of the Victorian Era.  In 1909, there was a major renovation of the house to make the exterior of it look like the then-trendy Classic Revival style.  The inside remained Victorian.  Pretty cool, huh?

Burwell O Hill House

This blue house, it’s just fantastic!  Everything about it, what a great house!!  This could be called Gothic Revival or Victorian Gothic. I just call it fantastic!  I want to move into this today.

Greenville 1

Couldn’t get a good picture of the one below, but you can see it sure does look like it’s kin to the blue house above!

Greenville 5

With Greenville being pretty small, you can easily cover a lot of town on foot here.  And there were quite a few homes for sale here. Walking around you realize too how hilly this area of western Georgia is.  This 1910 home is way up a hill and it’s for sale!  There are some interior pictures you can see here.  Like the woodwork in the main hall and the stained glass windows.


I was pleased to find some great bungalows around town, this one just ended up my favorite.  The front porch – just love it.


Also really liked some of the details on this bungalow.  The porch! I enjoy big houses and columns, but also really enjoy the ease of a one story house.

Greenville Blue

Now this one has some great details and is sporting a great paint job. And that porch!  It too is listed for sale at $159K.

For Sale Greenville

Lots of the old south style homes here, this one has columns and an upstairs porch – unusual to see this. The rocking chairs look great here too!

2 story Porch

And here’s one last one I really liked in Greenville – and hey it’s for sale too!

Greenville 8

Naturally walking around made me hungry (OK, what doesn’t make me hungry? HA!).  The Court Square Café, right on the square has some really good food!  Their website can be found here.  The Pimento Cheeseburger was really good.

Thanks so much for touring some favorite homes in Greenville!  Appreciate you reading the blog!


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