Atlanta, GA –  Christmas at Callanwolde a holiday tradition, what a place to tour each year.  The house – mansion – is huge, about 27,000 square feet.  There are a total of 24 rooms in here.  Each year, Christmas at Callanwolde has a different designer do each of the main rooms in the house.  It’s always jaw-dropping to see what they come up with.  The Candler Family (founders of Coca-Cola) built Callanwolde in 1920.  They lived in the house until 1959.  Luckily this home was saved in the ’70s and is now home to the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

As often with pictures, it’s hard to get a sense of how large the rooms are in here.  I will just say this – when I got back home from here, my house felt like a shoebox!  Started out first in the dining room.

Dining Room

You can see the big tree out in the great hall of the house through the doorway.  One thing I found interesting in here, the fireplace.  Being a Carrera marble fireplace it was never actually used! It’s really just decorative.


Walking through the formal rooms downstairs, fun to see how differently each designer approached their room.  The fresh greenery in here smelled fantastic.  Found out the designer had been up on a ladder putting new greenery in the chandelier that very morning.


Out in the grand hall, the huge Christmas tree….and I couldn’t get a decent picture of it!  But looking closely at it, you know it’s the Candler family, aka a Coca-Cola tree.  And those cans on here are practically the 12 oz size!

Candler Coca Cola Tree

Continuing on in the downstairs, another grand room – the music room!


The family dining room was one room that felt “normal” sized in this super sized home.  I had a chance to chat with Beth Kiel, who designed this room. Got tickled and had  take a picture of this on the sideboard, apparently folks were eating the candy.  OK, I totally would have grabbed a Hershey’s Kiss! There’s no decorative candy in our house!



The original billiard room of Callanwolde was more of a family space, and it was decorated in a contemporary style. There are built in cabinets on both sides of the fireplace, which originally held the cue sticks!

Billard Room

Another neat feature in the house is the Aeolian organ.  Original to the house, it cost almost $50,000 back in 1920.  It’s pretty amazing to think the house was built with the pipes to this organ all through the house.  3,742 pipes were built into the walls of the mansion when it was first built.

Aeolian Organ

Heading to the grand staircase in this house, you get a feel for how big it is in here.

Grand Staircase

And the ceiling over the staircase gives you an idea that no expense was spared building Callanwolde.

Ceiling over staircase

Upstairs there are a total of 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.  A couple have been decorated this year, and walking into the master bedroom saw a very up to date room.

Master bedroom

The original master bathroom is intact in this house (what a rarity).  Pretty swank for 1920! I still can’t figure out what that little sink is for, and I know I’ve been told every year.

Master bath

There are still 12 acres with the property, and there are formal, terraced gardens that are beautiful any time of year.  The original tennis court has now become an amphitheater outside.  Quite a fantastic property.


Funny to think this home is sitting on busy Briarcliff Road in Atlanta, yet you drive down the long driveway and feel as if you are in the country.  Thanks so much for taking this tour with me, really appreciate it!

Candler Family Crest





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