Beaufort, SC – A Few Favorite Homes

Beaufort, South Carolina – Yes, we are across the state line this week!  Last month’s road trip included a visit to Beaufort, SC.  This was my first visit there, and WOW the great old houses.  Beaufort is the second oldest town in South Carolina, and this small town has a lot of interesting old homes to see.  So much history here.

So many homes to see, it was hard to narrow down a few to share on the blog.  First stop in Beaufort was the Visitors Center, which is located in the old arsenal, built in the 1700s!  There’s a really interesting museum located on site too, and well worth a visit.  There are several neat shops and restaurants in their downtown, but for now let’s look at some of the great homes.

Beaufort is named for the Duke of Beaufort

This is the Lewis Reeves Sams house, and I love the porches, the picket fence, just everything about it!

Lewis Reeve Sams House Beaufort

“Tabby Manse” caught my attention.  It was built around 1786, and it’s one of the oldest surviving houses in Beaufort.  It has 2 foot thick exterior walls of tabby (oyster shells mixed with limestone), which are covered with stucco.

"Tabby Manse" - the c 1786 Thomas Fuller House
“Tabby Manse” – the c 1786 Thomas Fuller House

The wrought iron fence, double porches, etc….this is one beautiful old home.


I couldn’t get over the porches and columns on the houses I saw in Beaufort.

William Elliot House, "The Anchorage", built circa 1770-1800 with major remodel early 1900s.
William Elliot House, “The Anchorage”, built circa 1770-1800 with major remodel early 1900s.

This is the John A Cuthbert House.  It was situated to take advantage of the breezes off the water, and from what I read it was under threat of demolition in the 1970s.  Glad this was saved, it operates as an inn today.

Built c 1810, with major remodeling in 1830s or 40s
Built c 1810, with major remodeling in 1830s or 40s

While there were many antebellum homes I admired, this Victorian/Queen Anne caught my eye!  Looking good for 106 years old!  It’s the Emil Lengnick house, and had only 2 owners.

Built 1910, now operates as North Street Inn
Built 1910, now operates as North Street Inn

Now this great house below is the Charles Edward Leverett house, built around 1800.  Mr Leverett purchased this house in the 1850s for $1,800.  Add quite a few zeroes for today’s prices!


The yellow house below is the 1896 E.A. Scheper house.  Originally it’s thought to have been a lot more Victorian looking, with gingerbread trim, etc.  The house was completely rebuilt in 1938 into a more colonial look.


Loved the fence in front of this house!  It was built in 1910 on the foundation of a one story cottage.



Now this brick house has some huge columns!  It was built in 1852.  See those two cute dogs on the porch?  It’s the Berner Barnwell Sams house.

2 "guard dogs" on the porch!
2 “guard dogs” on the porch!

I just loved everything about this one as soon as I saw it!

Beaufort SC House 803

This last one was a particular favorite, set back in live oaks – this antebellum home with the two story wraparound front porches was another favorite!

Paul Hamilton House, "The Oaks", built 1855
Paul Hamilton House, “The Oaks”, built 1855

There are many, many more beautiful old homes in Beaufort.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it!

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