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Inman Park, Atlanta – Fulton County – This is Atlanta’s first streetcar suburb, begun in 1889.  Joel Hurt developed around 119 acres, and named it for  John Inman.  The large Victorian homes here were built for city business leaders, such as Asa Candler, owner of Coca-Cola.  The variety of house styles around Inman Park makes it fun to walk around.  Here are a few great ones I enjoy walking by in Inman Park.  Being right in Atlanta, it was quiet walking around on a pretty afternoon, and saw so many people sitting outside on their front porches.

Beath Dickey House 1896

This amazing Queen Anne house above is the Beath-Dickey House, built in 1896.  As you can see, it’s a big house with 15 rooms!  Most of the lots here are pretty narrow, so the houses tend to keep going and going in the back.  This house has a story, more on that in a little bit.

1907 House

Big Victorian houses are fun to photograph, and inside they’re such a departure from earlier periods.  This one above, it’s a BIG house.  To get an idea of how big this is, here’s a side view of the house….it keeps going, and going…..

Side View

This is the Charles R. Winship house, built in 1893 (below).  It’s now operating as a B&B.  I think I startled the people on the front porch when I appeared by the hedges and started taking pictures, sorry about that!  It’s called the Sugar Magnolia B&B, and you can see more of the house on their website.

Winship House

Coca-Cola keeps cropping up whenever you research homes around Inman Park.  The home below was the home of Ernest Woodruff, who led a syndicate and bought Coca-Cola rom the Candler family in 1919.  This house is really pretty at night, lots of stained glass windows.  And it’s another really big house.

Woodruff Burress House

Woodruff later moved to this house, designed by architect Walter T Downing, in the English variety.  It’s just one street over from his old house. Don’t let the picture deceive you, this is another ginormous house.

Woodruff House 2

I mentioned Asa Candler built a home here.  His house, Callan Castle, was built 1902-3, by architect George E Murphy.  This house is one of the biggest in Inman Park at 14,000 square feet.  I couldn’t quite figure out what style to call it, it’s built in a period when styles were changing from Victorian, so I’d call it some Victorian, some Classic Revival.  The Candlers lived here until 1916, when they build a house in nearby Druid Hills. Like how the name of the house is on the gate!

Callan Castle

This house underwent a lot of renovation a few years ago, and it’s back in tip top shape.  The roof of this house looks like tiles, but turns out it’s tin.  And they’re painted Coca-Cola red!  Another view of Callan Castle, from across the street:

Inman Park is the site of Callan Castle, built for Asa Candler of Coca-Cola fame

Callan Castle 3

Now as much as I love all the big homes, there are some great cottages and bungalows throughout the neighborhood.


Another great cottage below:



The styles in Inman Park are part of the neighborhood’s charm.  The house below is considered “Romanesque Revival” architecture.  To me, it just looks like a miniature castle.  It was built in 1904.  Took this picture during the winter, thus no leaves out on the trees.

1904 Castle

This beautiful house below is the King-Keith house, built for George E. King in 1889.  It was a B&B for a while.  It’s all the Victorian/Queen Anne elements, and love all the colors on this house.

King Keith House

The house below has so many things I love!  Wrap around porch, the trim and detail in this house!

Inman Park 93

This one below caught my eye, with turrets and all.

IP 99

The yellow house below might be my favorite one so far.  There’s so much character here!  See that butterfly banner on the porch?  That is the symbol for Inman Park.

IP 932

Another great one below, what an inviting front porch!


Finally, we get to the home of Joel Hurt – well, his second home in Inman Park, built in 1904.  As you can see, this one is currently under a major renovation – can’t wait to see how this mansion looks after this!  Revival Construction will have a tour of the house sometime in the future, can’t wait to check it out! It’s hard to get a photo of this house with the trees, etc, but looking forward to seeing it progress.

Hurt Mansion

Know this was a long post, but so much to share in Inman Park!  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it!  If you use Instagram, check us out @oldgeorgiahomes.

Inman Park Street View


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  1. Hi Lane, thanks for the mention of Revival Construction, Inc. in your blog post The tour of the Joel Hurt Mansion is on July 13, 2016. Visit the The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation to register. I hope you can join us.

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