Jefferson – A Few Favorite Old Homes

Jackson County, GA – Let’s head out to Jefferson and look at some more great old homes!   It’s hard to pick out a few favorites in each town, and there are a lot of great old homes around town.

Jefferson, the county seat, has had quite a few names over the years.  This is the best recap I’ve found, from the City of Jefferson: “Jefferson was designated the county seat of Jackson County in 1806.  The city was named for President Thomas Jefferson.  It was the site of a previous Indian settlement named Thomoccoggan (my spell check doesn’t understand this name!).  The city was incorporated as Jeffersonville, then changed to Jeffersonton, and finally shortened to it’s current name on June 30, 1824.”

Jefferson Town Square (from Wikipedia)
Jefferson Town Square (from Wikipedia)

Jefferson is the site of an Indian settlement, Thomoccoggan

There’s a lot of houses around the historic districts of Jefferson with one of my favorite thing – big front porches!  Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites around Jefferson.  Looking at this post now, I probably should’ve called it Front Porches of Jefferson!

Built circa 1866
Built circa 1866

The Nibleck-Evans house above is decked out for July 4th.  Built around 1866, this home was the center of a plantation with several thousand acres.  Love the double porches on this one!


Now this one, just outside of downtown is looking great to me, would love to go inside and check this house out, though I could hang out on that big porch!


A couple of famous residents of Jefferson – well, first, country star Brantley Gilbert is from Jefferson.  And Crawford W. Long is the first doctor that used ether as an anesthetic. He was studying medicine in Jefferson when this discovery of anesthesia was discovered. The museum in town is a fun stop right on the square.

From Crawford Long Museum website
From Crawford Long Museum website
Crawford W Long
Crawford W Long


Now, let’s get back to seeing some more great old houses!


The yellow house above stopped me in my tracks – just looks like such an inviting home.

20160702_165811The house above, built around 1900, is for sale!  While I love this one, it’s priced at $500,000….love the details on it. Sigh.  Let’s keep looking around town.


Another pretty one around town – unusual to see the 4 windows grouped like this.  Looks great to me!

20160702_165342Again, it’s the details that get me with these houses.  Look up at those fancy windows on the attic part of the house.


Hiding behind all these trees above is the 1906 Wills House.  Mr. Wills’ brother, “Croft”, built this house (along with several in the area).


This is one of my favorite Craftsman bungalows of all time…built in 1916, it’s the Duck-Randolph House.


I love the full length windows in the house above!  Reading about old houses, and have found several homes that mention using the windows as a door and this shows how easily people could do this back then.   I just realized I got the top of my car window in this picture!  Well, it was 97 degrees outside so I didn’t walk around town this time!


Finally,  just one more favorite – look at the detail above the porch!  Thanks so much for taking a look at the blog this week, and hope you’re having a great summer!  I’m also on Instagram, and post house pictures regularly there, @oldgeorgiahomes.  Appreciate you reading the blog!


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