Atlanta, GA – There are so many great old Buckhead mansions to share, I’m going to make this 2 posts.  This post will concentrate around the Tuxedo Park neighborhood.  There are some big old houses throughout the area, and these are a few that I really enjoy going by.

Tuxedo Park (and much of residential Buckhead) initially started as large country home lots – so the elite could get away from downtown Atlanta – which is about 6 miles away!  The area continued to develop in the early 20th century, and with the advent of the automobile, this area became more a suburb of Atlanta.  Many of those who built in here were the “movers and shakers” of the day, and several prominent architects worked in the neighborhood.

This big house below was built in 1935, and was home to Coca-Cola magnate Robert Woodruff.  It’s nearly 11,000 square feet and set on several acres.  I had to peer through the gates to get this picture.

“Windcrofte”, or the Woodruff Mansion, built 1935

Windcrofte was considered one of the finest works of architects Frazier & Bodin, who built several homes in the area.  It was for sale a few years ago, and I kept some inside photos from then:

The house below was built in 1928 – just a year before the big stock market crash – and it’s nearly 8,000 square feet inside.  Love the white painted brick.


The house below was built in 1945, so it’s a little newer than what we usually see, but wow – all the classic details!  It’s just under 7,000 square feet.


The house below is known as the Pink Palace.  It was built in 1926 by architect Neel Reid for the Rhodes Family, of Rhodes furniture.  I did a post last year about an earlier home of the Rhodes family that’s now the headquarters of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.  Originally the house below was a pink color, and thus the name.  It’s huge – a house built for entertaining – with about 12,000 SF.  In researching this house, I read where owners had changed out to a much more efficient heating system.  They talked about their monthly heating bills being $6,500 before updating the systems!  There are some amazing Venetian wall murals in the house as well.


The house below is so interesting with the front entry way being bowed out, and I love the round windows.  This one was designed by famed architect Philip Trammell Shutze.


Big lots and lots of mature landscaping around this area.  If you peek through the trees you see one massive house back there!


This one below with the great fence is a favorite to always look at – would love to get inside and check out this massive house!


Just across from the Governor’s Mansion you’ll see “Arden”.  Designed by Neel Reid and finished in early 1917.  It’s based loosely on Mount Vernon.  It’s hard to get a picture of the entire 10,700 square foot house.



The story on the house below is one of my favorites.  This was built by Cooper & Cooper in 1932 for Mrs. George Arthur Howell, Jr.  Shortly after getting this job, one of the Coopers married one of Mrs. Howell’s daughters!  The new owners of this house now call it “Nestledown”.



There are many great mansions throughout Buckhead, and I’ll have another upcoming post on the area.  Thank you so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it!




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