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Grantville – Coweta County – This week we’re looking at some great old homes in Grantville, population 2,500.  Originally Grantville was known as Calico Corners.  The history of this town is tied to the railroads – and tied to an Atlantan.  It’s a film location for several movies and shows, so you might recognize a house or two below!

The town changed names to Grantville in honor of Lemuel P Grant of Atlanta, Chief Engineer of the Atlanta & West Point railroad that ran through town.

Calico Corners – the original name of Grantville

LP Grant donated the land that became Grant Park in Atlanta, and his home is one of the very few homes that survived the Battle of Atlanta in 1864.

Lemuel P Grant (from Wikipedia)
Lemuel P Grant (from Wikipedia)
LP Grant Mansion in 1890s (Atlanta Preservation Center)
Bobby Jones was born here in 1902! LP Grant Mansion in 1890s (Atlanta Preservation Center)


The town grew a lot in the early 1900s, eventually having two mills in town that drove the economy here.  As the mills eventually closed, the town suffered.  Grantville has revived and become a film location, and tourist destination in recent years!

Old Downtown Grantville
Old Downtown Grantville, just before a big afternoon thunderstorm…

The first house, built in 1894, is the JR Cotton House.  I love the trim paint colors!

1894 - JR Cotton House
1894 – JR Cotton House

Now the house below, this is the Zellars House, built in 1876.  Thomas Zellars (1834-1914) was a prominent businessman in town.  He established the first bank in town, and also built the telephone system here, that was later bought by Southern Bell.It just recently sold to new owners.  This is the first house in town built of brick, and 3 lays of bricks at that!  Built to last.  The house has 14 ft ceilings inside.  There are hitching posts in front of the gate to the house.

Zellars House, C 1876
Zellars House, C 1876

The house below caught my attention with all the detail on the porches.

Porches & More Porches!


The ivy is taking over part of this late Victorian House below!  Built around 1900, I’d love to see inside this house!

Built c 1900
Built c 1900

The roof on this yellow house looks fantastic.  It was built during Grantville’s boom years, around 1900.

Circa 1900
Circa 1900

The porch columns on the bungalow below got my attention.  Like how they did these for something unique!

Check out that porch!
Check out that porch!

Next up, the Colley House!  It’s a 20 room mansion, built in 1896.  It’s also referred to as Bonnie Castle, check out that turret on the front of the house!  Originally built as a family home, members of the family lived in the house until 1981, and it has operated as a B&B over the years.  There have been several famous guests here including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter.  It’s also recognizable as it’s been in some movies too!  From the information I read, there’s a lot of chatter about this one being haunted.

Colley House, aka "Bonnie Castle"
Colley House, aka “Bonnie Castle”

The photo below is the Atlanta & West Point Railroad passenger depot.  The railroad runs right through the center of town.

Passenger Depot, 1896
Passenger Depot, 1896

The Merchants and Farmers Bank from the early 1900s.

Farmers & Merchants Bank Building
Merchants and Farmers Bank Building, 1919

Thanks so much for reading the blog this week and our trip to Grantville.  I really appreciate it!


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  1. Grantville has so much potential. It is the undiscovered discovery. Far enough to savor peace , yet close enough to ATL. It does need a revival or someone willing to be a pioneer…and it will in time .

    New owner of the Zellars House c 1876

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