Senoia – Coweta County – We’re still in Senoia this week looking at more of the historic homes in the area.  There are so many great old homes in town, here are a few more I wanted to share this week. If you missed last week’s tour, the link is here

First off let’s look at the McKnight-Mann House, built around 1905.  If you look at this house, you can see that the doors are not centered.  I thought that was unusual, but learning the story why made me laugh.  This house was built as a wedding gift by the father of the bride.  “Miss Mary” wanted the door to be placed off center so that her grand piano could fit in the room to the right!

McKnight-Mann House, circa 1905

Miss Mary’s father, Captain W.D. Linch, built this farmhouse style around 1888.  This is a big house, you can see how it just kinda keeps going and going!

Linch-Lewandowski House, built circa 1888

The house below stopped me in my tracks.  Built in 1896, I just love everything about it – the turret, the gazebo in the corner, and that porch!  Anne Davis, daughter of the original builder, lived in this house until 1971.  And it supposedly also has a secret passage in it!

1896 Davis-Tyre House

The house below, built in the 1870s, became the home of Reverend Francis Warren Baggarly.  He is the founder of the Methodist Church in Senoia.  The Baggarly family owned the Harness & Buggy shop on Main Street, which is now a museum.  This house has stayed in the Baggarly family for 6 geneerations.

Baggarly House, circa 1872

Rosewood Cottage below was built in the 1890s.  There’s a major addition to this house as well.  The house is described as having a “preachers room”, a room in the front of the house that was used for visiting preachers.

Rosewood Cottage, circa 1890s

OK, the house below may be my very favorite one in town!  Built in 1873, this is the Victorian Gothic style that was very popular at the time.  I just love that porch!!!

Brandenburg-Merrick House, circa 1873

Like the double doors below on the Brown-Allen House, built around 1880.  This style is called a Gothic Revival Cottage.

Brown-Allen House, circa 1880

Now the house below is a BIG house, and actually opened as a hotel.  Now known as the Veranda Inn, it has welcomed many interesting guests, including William Jennings Bryan.  And it was one of the first buildings in Coweta County to have electricity!  Know it must be relaxing to sit on the rocking chairs on the porch of this inn!

Hollberg Hotel, circa 1906. Now known as Veranda Inn
Historic Downtown Senoia

Thanks so much for touring around Senoia with me.  Really appreciate you reading the blog!





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  1. Please review the home located at 178 Tranquil Cemetary Rd., Senoia, GA 30276…It has an interesting history.

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