Atlanta – Ansley Park Neighborhood – 100 years ago, Ansley Park developed as the first northern suburb of Atlanta.  Funny to think it was a suburb, since now it’s adjacent to Midtown, Piedmont Park, The High Museum of Art etc.  Over the years it’s been home to many prominent citizens, and was the site of the Governor’s Mansion until 1968.  Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind,  lived in this neighborhood for most of her life. With winding streets, you find a variety of homes around every corner!

The stately home below was built in 1912.  So many different details going on with this large house!

Built 1912

Margaret Mitchell lived in Ansley Park for most of her life

The white columned house commands a hilltop.  It’s one of those that I always admire when I drive thru the area.

Hilltop Home!

Ansley Park developed over a 10 year period, beginning in 1904.  Edwin P. Ansley envisioned this neighborhood attracting the wealthiest families in Atlanta, and it has had it’s share of prominent citizens and celebrities over the years.

The variety of house sizes and styles makes Ansley Park one of the most interesting neighborhoods to visit.

Example of the variety of Ansley Park

Another one of my favorites in the neighborhood is the home below.  Famed architect Neel Reid built this house 1920-21 for Steven A. Lynch.  This house has a couple of new builds that copy the design as well.

Neel Reid designed this house, built 1920-21

Another Neel Reid house in the neighborhood below.

Neel Reid designed house

Ansley Park was home to the Governor’s Mansion for decades

The house below was Edwin P Ansley’s home until 1925, when the state acquired the estate to be the Governor’s Mansion.  11 Governors lived in this house, before the new Governor’s mansion was built on West Paces Ferry in 1968.  I read some interviews from a former First Lady of Georgia, she talked about moving into the residence and there were no plates or silverware.  The silverware had Governor’s Mansion engraved on it, and people would steal them as a souvenir when attending a dinner!

courtesy Atlanta History Center

The variety of houses in this neighborhood just amazes me.  The one below just has such an interesting look!

Love that bay window!

Noted architect Walter T. Downing designed the huge house below.  It was built circa 1910-14, and originally a rooming house.  Located at an entrance to

Originally a rooming house!

The 1912 home below is a really big house, about 7000 square feet.  This home was designed by P. Thornton Sarye, an architect of note as his company also built Atlanta’s iconic Fox Theatre.  The Fox opened Christmas Day in 1929, and was saved from demolition in the 1970s.

1912 home, designed by P Thornton Sarye
Ansley Park home

One more beautiful home in Ansley below….

Built c 1915

The French doors on the home below caught my eye.

Variety in Ansley Park

The apartment building below was home to Margaret Mitchell.  There’s the Margaret Mitchell House several blocks away, which is where she wrote her novel.  Located at 1 South Prado, she and her husband lived here for the last 10 years of her life.  It’s currently condominiums.

Margaret Mitchell Apartment 1 South Prado
Margaret Mitchell’s last home

Thanks so much for taking a look around Atlanta’s Ansley Park neighborhood.  Appreciate you reading the blog!

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  1. Hi!
    I purchased a house in Ansley Park recently and would like to find the date it was built. Public records state 1902, but that must be wrong as Ansley Park wasn’t established and it is not recognized as a historical house. Do you have suggestions on how I can track down the true build date?

    1. Great question! That date does sound a few years early for Ansley Park. I’d research it via the deed, which I believe in Atlanta/Fulton Co is in the Clerk of the Superior Court’s office – that will be the most definitive route. You can backtrack the deed and get a better build date that way. Also, old City Directories and Sanborn Fire Maps (available online) are helpful to get closer to a date it was built. These are a couple of options, hope this helps.

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