Jewell, GA – Hancock County and Warren County –  The village of Jewell is on both sides of the Ogeechee River, and while it’s a small community, it’s big on old house charm.  There’s even a village green, not something you typically see in Georgia.  Had the chance to tour a couple of these homes on a tour in late August.

The Ashley Jewell House below was built in 1880.  She taught piano lessons at the schoolhouse that’s further down in the blog.

Ashley Jewell House

Another view of the Ashley Jewell House – what a beautiful property!

Jewell House

Daniel A Jewell owned a mill that became quite a textile center in the mid-1800s.  His house, one of the oldest in the community is below.  The mill played a major role in the town.  It was incorporated as Jewell’s Mills in 1872, then Jewell’s, and finally Jewell.  The mill ran 6 days a week, except for holidays.  Or if the Ogeechee River was really high or really low, which hampered the mill operation.

Daniel A Jewell House, Circa 1850

Jewell’s original name was Shivers

The old school house was built around 1871 by Daniel A. Jewell.  As mentioned above, Ashley taught piano lessons in here.  The school room is downstairs and a meeting hall is upstairs.

School House, built 1871

Shivers later became known as Rock Factory (until about 1870)

The school house, as well as a couple of beautiful old churches surround the village green.

Methodist Church, circa 1840s, moved  in 1894.

Across the river from the village green, there are several great homes that I had to stop and photograph.  I love the gazebo on the corner of the porch, and the pain details on this one.


This little shop looks like it would have all kinds of fun things in it!


The cottage below caught my eye – always love a screened in porch – and that roof!


This pretty old home sits just off the village green.


The mills at were completely destroyed by fire in 1927.  Today all you can see is the mill’s foundation on the banks of the Ogeechee River.

Some houses are harder to photograph than others, old houses with mature landscaping sometimes hide from the camera!  This one below – love the details on it, and of course that porch.



Thanks for reading the blog this week and taking a look at some of the great old homes in Jewell.  Appreciate you reading the blog!

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  1. I grew up in jewel it was a great place to grow up as a kid you were pretty much kin to everyone there and I miss my time there very much. my mom was postmaster for years there.

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