Barnesville, GA – Lamar County – 2017 is off to quite a start – we had ice and snow last weekend, and it was 75 degrees yesterday in Atlanta!   Barnesville, population just under 7000, is just south of Atlanta.  This is one pretty town, with a lot of great old homes from the late 1800s.  Barnesville was widely known as the “Buggy Capital of the South”, with 4 buggy companies located here.

The house below caught my attention, it’s based on shingle style New England homes. The Claxton House has only had 3 owners in it’s history.  It’s been restored and has some fantastic stained glass.


1896 Claxton House

The big rambling Victorian below caught my eye.  I took the picture at an angle so you can see how deep this house is. It just keeps going and going!  Love all the details on this house.

One of my favorites on Thomaston Street


Barnesville was known as “The Buggy Capital of the South” in the late 1800s

1912 Smith-Dukes House

The Smith-Dukes House above is deceptively big.  The house is over 8,300 square feet, and has 32(?!) rooms!  The Smith family helped make Barnesville well-known for it’s buggy manufacturing, and the house has features like Wedgwood chandeliers and sconces, hand carved mantels etc.  Lucky for us it’s for sale, so there are some interior photos I’ve included.

Entry Hall and hand carved staircase

You get a sense of how big the house is when you look below.  This is the view from the front door.

Entry Hall

The house has great leaded windows, and the picture below shows some of their details.

Leaded glass windows

The Swatts-Ginn House below was built in 1850!


Another big old home in Barnesville below.

Along Thomaston Street

The cottage below caught my attention with the different style of roof.  We don’t have a lot of this mansard style here in Georgia.


The Victorian house below caught my eye with the great details, and especially that porch!


The Kennedy House below still has original furnishings and artwork inside.  With a lot of Victorian additions on this house, it has great street presence.  I couldn’t photo this house as there was a delivery going on, several folks outside, etc. the whole time I was in Barnesville.  But luckily there’s a photo from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservaion below.

Kennedy House, c 1850. photo courtesy of the Georgia Trust


Old houses can be a huge challenge to preserve.  Looking at the one  below, was encouraged to see some scaffolding off to the side.  This is one beautiful home!  Love the gazebo ends of the front porch!

Ready for preservation!

The side porch on this one caught my attention.


Thanks so much for coming along on a quick tour of a few favorite old homes in Barnesville!  I appreciate it!


7 Replies to “Barnesville – Favorite Old Homes”

  1. Thank you so much for honoring Barnesville and our old homes. I live in the Swatts Ginn home . It has a stenciled painting on the ceiling that dates to the 1870″s .

    Leonora Ginn

    1. Leonora, thanks for taking the time to comment. I love your house! How amazing to have painting that has lasted that many years. This was my first trip to Barnesville, and I am looking forward to being back there soon – what an amazing town.

  2. Great to see my past in pictures of these old homes. I lived on Thomaston Street (831) and would have walked past most of these on the way to Primary School, now the Library. Really brought back memories…… Now living in Australia since 1972

  3. Thanks for spot lighting these homes! My in laws live in Barnsesville. Its a great little town with tons of history!

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