Jasper County, Georgia – Monticello, the county seat of Jasper County has a variety of great old homes! And hey, it is Trisha Yearwood’s hometown!  Monticello was laid out as the county seat in 1808, and right in the middle of town is the third courthouse, built in 1907.  Before we look at some great old homes, this courthouse looked vaguely familiar to me…it was used in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” – remember that movie?  I can’t believe that movie is 25 years old!  Time flies.

Jasper County Courthouse, built 1907

One of the earliest homes in Monticello is Reese Hall, built circa 1820.  There is a historical marker that gives some great info on Dr. David Addison Reese – he was a state senator for  years, a trustee of the University of Georgia for 25 years, and was appointed Commissioner to treat with the Cherokee Indians in 1831.  When I read the marker, I felt like a very lazy person LOL.

Reese Hall, circa 1820

Reese Hall has undergone an amazing restoration over the last couple of years.  Here is a real estate listing picture of it prior to restoration.

Reese Hall Before Restoration

As soon as I saw the house below, I couldn’t wait to find out its history. How did it get the name Knit-Wit House?  Turns out, this is really the Benton House, and it is an antebellum plantation house that was moved to its current location shortly after the Civil War.  There was a fire in the early 1900s that badly damaged the home, and it was given a larger wraparound porch.  Turns out, years ago,  Mrs. Benton used one of the front rooms to retail a variety of knitting yarns.  That’s how it became known as Knit-Wit House.

The Knit-Wit House

Monticello is Trisha Yearwood’s Hometown

Just off the square in Monticello, I stumbled on MeMe’s House – it is a beautiful old home, and now an antiques and gift store!  I just know I would not be able to leave this store empty-handed.  And love that porch!

MeMe’s House

Monticello really has some variety of homes – the English Vernacular brick house below was built in 1932.  Love that room on the left.

Henderson House, 1932

Another great one, this isn’t a style I see as often in small town Georgia, but Monticello has several in this style.

Second Empire Style

I love this folk Victorian home!  I posted this on Instagram a while back, and turns out it has been in the same family for generations.  I would love to hang out on that inviting front porch!

Folk Victorian

The Jordan-Lanier House, circa 1905.  Originally there was a widow’s walk on the tip of the house.  Very grand home with the massive white columns!

Circa 1905

There are several more homes to share, so will have an additional post on the beautiful town of Monticello.  Thanks so much for coming along on the trip, I appreciate it!

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  1. There is an old Victorian that was the “town Doctors home in the day” and it was moved from its original land. Do you know anything about it and where it was moved to?

  2. Lane, you are an awesome person to keep educating and sharing the history of our Great State of Georgia. I’m so proud to know you thru this website of yours. Thank You, Sir.

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