St. Mary’s, Georgia – Camden County – This week we are in the southeast corner of Georgia, in the historic town of St. Mary’s.  Just a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, look across the St Mary’s River and you’re looking at Florida!

General John Floyd House, Built 1830

The General John Floyd House got me curious to find out who General Floyd was.  He was a hero in the War of 1812, and his family owned a couple of plantations further inland from St. Mary’s (Fairfield and Bellevue, neither are still standing).  After the war he dedicated his life to public service – locally as a judge, then in the state legislature, followed by the U.S. Congress in 1827.  The Georgia Legislated honored him by naming Floyd County (Rome, Ga)  for him in 1832.

St. Mary’s dates to 1788

I was excited to tour Orange Hall, it’s a great example of Greek Revival architecture.  This is one big house, about 9,500 sq ft, 12 fireplaces, and 12 ft ceilings throughout.  The lot was purchased by Rev. Horace Southworth Pratt, who helped organize the First Presbyterian Church in St. Mary’s.  Many interesting owners of this home – it’s well worth touring just to hear about them.  The house was converted to apartments in the 1930s, then gifted to the city in 1960.  At one point the city library was on the second floor of Orange Hall.

So why is it called Orange Hall?  The name is from the large sour orange trees that used to be around the property.

Orange Hall, circa 1830

The First Presbyterian Church here is the oldest building continuously used as a church in Georgia!  This building has seen so much history – as far back as British troops here during the War of 1812.

First Presbyterian Church, Built 1808

The Collier-Casey House below looks perfect to me.  Even better, it’s available for rent through VRBO!

Collier-Casey House, Built 1874

Walking all over town, you see homes set back on big lots.

Stone House, Built in the 1880s
Picket Fence and Front Porch – yes!

The Flood-Todd House stopped me in my tracks.  Love the tin roof, the fence, the porch…what an amazing home.

Flood-Todd House

Now I’m sure you’re curious why I am showing a picture of stumps here – they’re the Washington Oaks!  When George Washington died in 1799, 4 oak trees were planted the day he was buried.  The last of the trees was cut down in 1990.  Part of the wood from that tree was used in the restoration of the USS Constitution! There’s a well here known as the Washington Pump, also created in 1799.

Washington Oaks

The house below is actually 2 houses that were combined around 1900…old photos of this home from 1890 show it as being 3 stories tall!

Frohock-Baukuect House

The pirate in front of The Goodbread House caught my attention as I walked by.  It operates as a B&B.

Sandiford-Goodbread House, Built 1870…guarded by a pirate!

The Bachlott-Porter House underwent an amazing restoration years ago.  It was a breezy day and you see the flag proudly waving in the wind.

Bachlott-Porter House, Built 1911

The Captain Morse house is a Victorian beauty just a block or so from the St. Mary’s River.  I believe it is also available as a vacation rental.

Captain Morse House, Built 1905

St Mary’s United Methodist Church began meeting before 1812.  The chapel was built in 1858 at a cost of $695.  Interesting fact: originally including a balcony, it seated 200!

St. Mary’s United Methodist Church – Chapel

If you use Instagram, I post pictures on there daily, @oldgeorgiahomes.  As always, appreciate you taking time to read about St. Mary’s, and be on the lookout for more posts from Georgia’s Golden Isles!


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