Bainbridge, GA – Decatur County – Incorporated in 1829, Bainbridge is one beautiful town!  Located along the Flint River,  the variety of old homes is impressive.  Before being named Bainbridge, it was known as Fort Hughes, Burgess Town, and Pucknawhitla.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing homes around town.


Ehrlich-Immendorf House

Built in 1898, the Ehrlich-Immendorf House is one interesting Queen Anne house!  This was the second Ehrlich home on the lot, with their original home here having a kitchen fire.  Some of the mantels and other features have been saved and included in the home.  Really interesting family that lived here, I will post a separate entry just about this home in a couple of days.

1905 View – Vanishing Georgia Archives (UGA)

I always enjoy the old photos of these homes.  This one shows the house when it was just a few years old, check out that picket fence!  You can also see that the road in front is still a dirt road at this point.

Belcher-Long House

I just love everything about the Belcher-Long House, built around 1900.  From what I read – before the house was built, Mr. G.O. Wilson used the property as a peach orchard.  It wasn’t long after seeing this house that I was in a monsoon  storm, so you’ll not see many blue skies on this trip to Bainbridge.

Hinds-Cooper House, 1873

First, don’t adjust your screen – that front porch is leaning a bit to one side.  See those windows in the Hinds-Cooper House?  Those windows were intended for an Episcopal Church under construction – but a hurricane destroyed the church before the windows could be put in.  They really create an interesting look!  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this done before.

Patterson-Powell-Kirkpatrick House, built 1903

The Patterson House is huge, as you can see from the picture.  Sheriff Leroy Patterson built this house – with bricks from his own brickyard!  The tour brochure of Bainbridge says it’s been in the same family the entire time.

Coleman-Vickers-Newton House

Now the Coleman-Vickers-Newton House, built in 1898 has all my favorite things – stained glass windows, great porches, etc!  This home stayed in the Coleman Family for many years, and it was give to the Decatur County Historical Society in the 1970s.  It was later purchased and is a private residence.

Caldwell-Perry House, 1900

Now the Caldwell-Perry house was considered very modern when built in 1900 – the ceilings were lower than most homes, at 10 feet.  It must have looked very contemporary near it’s Victorian style neighbors.  In reading on this house – it had an elevator installed in 1947.  The owner called it her “movable Fibber McGee closet” to hide stuff when company came!  I need one of those elevators to hide stuff in LOL.

Brick Beauty in Bainbridge
Built 1935

This 1935 cottage just has the look of “home” – it stopped me in my tracks and I had to get a picture of this amazing home.  I’d love to sit on the front porch!

Kwilecki-Kemp House, 1916

Funny story about the Kwilecki House above.  Julian Kwilecki, part of the family that owned the I. Kwilecki & Sons Hardware store built this fine home. It’s said that he refused to share the floor plans with anyone – because he wanted his home to be unique!

Donalson-Rollins House, built 1898

The Donalson-Rollins House is one beautiful queen Anne.  This home was built for John Donalson (the nearby town of Donalsonville is named for him).  Couple of neat facts about this house – the first to have screened in windows, and the stained glass…there’s still quite a bit, but there were some Tiffany signed stained glass windows (I think in the middle upstairs between the 2 stained glass windows)….an antique dealer bought the house, removed the windows, and then resold it.  Grrr!

C 1905 photo – look at all that stained glass! (Ga State Archives)
Callahan Home – “Steamboat House”

The Steamboat House is one of my favorites in town.  There is a full post on this house that published Sunday with quite a few pictures:

Steamboat House – Bainbridge

My visit to Bainbridge got cut short, and I didn’t visit some areas I had planned to get to.  It’s a really interesting town! There’s so much more to see around Bainbridge that I hope to visit again in the near future.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it! If you use Instagram, I post photos daily – @oldgeorgiahomes.

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