Rome, Georgia – College Football in Georgia was almost outlawed?  The state legislature voted to ban college football in Georgia way back in 1897. Yes, really!  Read on for the details and how one woman saved college football in Georgia.

The Von Gammon Home in Rome, Georgia
Von Gammon (from Wikipedia)

Von Gammon grew up in Rome, Georgia and played on the University of Georgia football team during 1896 and 1897.  During a game in 1897, he sadly died as a result of his injuries.

College Football in Georgia was almost outlawed in 1897

The Georgia House of Representatives voted 91-3 to ban college football in Georgia.  It only needed the Governor’s signature.


Von Gammon’s mother, Rosalind Burns Gammon, wrote a letter to her legislative representative – and asked him to NOT outlaw football.  She said she just knew her son wouldn’t want to be the cause of football being outlawed in Georgia.

Governor William Yates Atkinson (Wikipedia)

Her letter was read by Governor Atkinson, who in turn vetoed the bill.  Amazing to think that football was nearly outlawed in Georgia!  And we get to take a look at the beautiful old home of the “woman who saved college football in Georgia”.  GO DAWGS!

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