Dr Jelks House – Quitman, GA

Quitman, GA – Dr. Jelks built this house, though many also know it as the McMichael House.  We also have an old photo of the home available from the Brooks County Museum & Cultural Center.  The Jelks House has interesting stories to tell!

Dr Jelks House – Leroy decided to stop here!

He went into practice with his uncle, Dr. E.A. Jelks in 1897.  He also ended up serving as Mayor, then Commissioner, and Chairman of the Commission.

Jelks House
Dr. Edwin Lamkin Jelks (Brooks County History, 1948)

It’s quite a love story with his wife, Alma Allbritton.  They first lived with her aunt until this home was built in 1922.  Before their marriage – he happened to purchase a small farm.  This farm had actually been the someplace of his wife’s family.  He later declared the whole tract a bird sanctuary.

Old Photo of Jelks House (Courtesy Brooks County Museum & Cultural Center)

Taking a look back at the home is always fun, and I’m so grateful to the Brooks County Museum & Cultural Center for this photo.  Kids, bicycles, horses – quite the scene and obvious the home was full of life back in the day too!

Hope you enjoyed this short history of this beautiful home – the families are what bring these places to life.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, really appreciate it!  If you are on Instagram, I post daily @oldgeorgiahomes

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