Atlanta, GA – Walking around Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood today, you’d never know it had fallen into disrepair in the late 1960s.  The Beath-Dickey House started the revitalization of Inman Park, Atlanta’s first planned suburb.

Beath-Dickey House, built 1890

Inman Park was laid out as Atlanta’s first streetcar suburb, and ice magnate John Beath bought the lot and had this 5,024SF Queen Anne Victorian built in 1890.

The house was built with all the finest things!  Inside the home was built around an 1874 organ, with several octagonal rooms.  The front porch columns are Italian marble.  Inside there are 8 fireplaces.

Beath sold the home to the Dickey family after 5 years.  They owned the home 50 years.  The home was divided up into apartments, at one point there were 7 families living in the house.

Inman Park deteriorated as the suburbs of Atlanta expanded.  The home was purchased in 1969 and is credited with starting the revitalization of Inman Park.  One beautiful home!

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