McMullen-Thrasher House: Saving A Family Homeplace

Brooks County, GA – Too often we hear about old homes that are no longer lived in, fall into disrepair, and are eventually lost.  This is NOT one of those stories – it’s a restoration success story of a home that has remained in the same family since the 1800s.


McMullen-Thrasher House, 2016 (courtesy of Chuck Ramsey)


McMullen-Thrasher House, 2018

Designed by noted architect John Wind and built circa 1840s, the McMullen-Thrasher House is about 9 miles outside Quitman in the Hickory Head community of Brooks County.  With rolling hills, scenic views, it’s in a magical setting.  I was fortunate to have Chuck Ramsey, one of the owners, show me the house.  His family’s history is here – in fact, his Great Great Great Uncle built this house!

Jesse Whitfield Thrasher and Mary Jane (Jenni) McMullen Thrasher – Brooks Co History, 1948

Jesse Whitfield Thrasher and Mary Jane (Jenni) McMullen Thrasher raised their family in this home – all 10 children!  Jesse served as Sheriff of Brooks County during the 1890s.  A few times he arrested people and locked them up in his barn overnight, before taking them into town to jail the next morning.  The Thrashers were known as gracious hosts – they had friends over each Sunday after church for lunch.

Colorized old photo, courtesy of Chuck Ramsey

William Cloud Thrasher (Bubba) was the last of their children to live in the home – he lived here until 1960.

The years take their toll on house, and the “before” picture at the top of this article demonstrates this.  Chuck and a business partner purchased this home (and another on the property we’ll be seeing very soon) and went through numerous challenges bringing it back to life.  Termite damage + a home of this age – there was a lot to do.  By early 2017 the home was restored to it’s former glory.  Here are some photos from my visit….

McMullen-Thrasher House (January 2018)

Notice there are 2 rooms that protrude from the front of the house, with their own exterior doors.  This home has a total of 4 doors on the front.

McMullen-Thrasher House, 2018

The stories why there are 4 doors depend on who is telling it.  The 2 front rooms were not attached to the rest of the house.  Many believe these rooms were used for circuit riders or peddlers as lodging.  We saw this recently in our article on Oxford, Georgia.  We’ll never know for sure given how much time has lapsed, but let’s take a look at this beautiful home!

Living Room, 2018
Artwork by local artist Angela Wild. Isn’t this great?!
Bedroom. I wanted to take those 2 chairs home with me!
Chuck Ramsey, one of the owners of McMullen-Thrasher House

What a transformation!  Thanks to Chuck for giving us a tour of this home that has been in his family for 170 years.  As always, appreciate you taking time to read the blog.  If you’re on Instagram, I post pictures daily there as @oldgeorgiahomes


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