Luthersville, GA – Meriwether County – This 1902 home, built by the Upshaw family is now known as Parker Place Events has quite a history!  This home has 18 stained glass windows and many exterior doors. It was built to house guests as a boarding house.  It’s rumored that the first car in Luthersville (and all of Meriwether County) belonged to the Upshaw family.

Built in 1902, Luthersville

In the 1960s, prior owners had the train depot moved to the property.  Today this beautiful venue operates as Parker Place Events.  Neat history of this beautiful home!


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  1. My dads family came from Luthersville. He was an Upshaw and one time we drove thru town in the 1970s and came across folks who remembered him as a young child.

    I was wondering if the Upshaw’s ever have reunions in Luthersville?

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