Kendall Manor – Eufaula, Alabama

Eufaula, Alabama – Today we are crossing the state line and visiting one of the prettiest houses in Eufaula.  There are so many beautiful homes in this town! Several beautiful homes to share this week.  First up, Kendall Manor.

Kendall Manor, completed 1867

The construction of Kendall Manor began in 1861, but the Civil War (1861-1865) halted all construction.  James Turner Kendall was a merchant and planter, and unlike many in the south, stayed prosperous even after the war.  Architect H. George Whipple, who designed several of the fine homes in Eufaula, built this masterpiece.

Cupola Detail

The house was built at great expense, totaling over $30,000 at the time.  The grandeur inside is apparent, with 18 ft ceilings throughout the home.  Baseboards in this house are 2 feet high! Double parlors are on the right of the house, and they have Italian marble mantels.

Kendall Manor stayed in the family for several generations, with grandson Dr. Kendall Eppes being the last family member to live here.

Kendall Manor, completed 1867

The home was a bed and breakfast in the 1990s, and is now privately owned again.  While I didn’t get to tour this house – it’s open to all of us as part of the Eufaula Pilgrimage April 6-8.  I can’t wait to get to explore this mansion!

Thanks for taking a look at this beautiful home and learning a little of its history!  I sure appreciate it!




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    1. Me too! Can’t wait to tour this one during the Pilgrimage! And I’m looking forward to exploring more of Eufaula – it is indeed a lovely town!

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