Nancy’s Place – Saved! Brooks County, Ga

Brooks County, Ga – Sharing a home that has been saved is one of my favorite posts to write!  Too often the story is the opposite.  Nancy’s Place is one special small home, and it’s story is a fun one to share.  As much as I enjoy the grand mansions, I really fell in love with this home – just perfect to me!

Remember looking at the McMullan-Thrasher House a couple of weeks ago? That post is located here:

McMullen-Thrasher House Post

This home is adjacent to it, and built circa 1950 for Miss Nancy Simmons – she’d worked with the family for so long, she was practically family!  Building this house next door to McMullen-Thrasher House made things that much more convenient.

Nancy was the eldest of 9 children, and worked for the family many years (so many that they’re not quite sure when she started working!).  She kept things in order, and was known for her gracious smile.  She was a part of the family.

Heading out into the Hickory Head Community, just a few miles outside of Quitman yet a world away.  It’s nice to get out and see so much open land!

Road to Nancy’s Place

Miss Nancy died in 1987 at age 95 – outliving all but one of her brothers, and the house fell into disrepair over the years.  By 2016 it was looking a little tired!

Nancy’s Place before renovation

Nancy’s Place was well cared for during her days here, and life had a familiar weekly rhythm – go to town to shop on Saturday, church and visiting on Sunday, wash day was Monday, etc.

Under renovation

After purchase in 2016, the house required A LOT of work.  After months and months of work, Nancy’s Place was brought back to life.

Almost restored!

I was really excited to get to see this special place, in a beautiful setting.


The house is just perfect to me – not too big, and a place for everything.  The space is well thought out, and very livable.  I felt “at home” the second I walked in.

Living Room
Kitchen area

I was ready to move right in! I know that Miss Nancy is smiling knowing the house has been saved and in use again!

Miss Nancy Simmons, 1892-1987

As much as I enjoyed inside the house, this front porch is made for rocking chairs and I wanted to sit out here for hours.

Front porch
Nancy’s Place at sunset

One more view on a foggy morning of this great house!

Nancy’s Place in the fog – just beautiful no matter what the weather

What I love about this house – it shows how well simple works!  Sometimes it’s easy to get away from simplicity.  This little house made me think how nice it is to just SIT on the front porch (and not be looking at my phone – unless of course it’s to read this blog LOL!).

Thanks for coming along on the tour of this dramatic transformation today.  I sure do appreciate you reading the blog!











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