Shorter Mansion – Eufaula, AL

Eufaula, Alabama – We venture across the state line to Alabama today for a look at the Shorter Mansion in Eufaula, one of the iconic homes in this beautiful town.  The history of this mansion is an interesting one!

Shorter Mansion, built 1901-1906

Looking at this massive home, it’s hard to get a sense of scale – but let me assure you, it’s huge!  With 8,700 square feet, this home took 5 years to complete and cost $100,000 over 100 years ago!

Shorter Mansion – Eufaula, AL

Looking at the photo above, you can see the solarium on the left of the house.  It was new technology at the time, featuring curved glass.  There are a total of 17 columns on this giant home!

The house was built for Eli Sims Shorter II and his wife, Wileyna Lamar Shorter.  Her mother was the heir to the S.S.S. Tonic Company, one of the most profitable patent medicine companies of the time.  Some referred to this home as “Eli’s Folly”.

Shorter Mansion, Eufaula

The granddaughter of Eli & Wileyna put the house up for auction back in 1965, and the then brand new Eufaula Heritage Association put in the winning bid of $33,000 for the home.  Today it houses the Eufaula Historical Museum, and is the HQ of Eufaula Heritage Association.  It’s open for tours, and definitely fun to stroll through and see how opulent this home is!

The Eufaula Pilgrimage is being held April 6-8 this year.  If you want to see more about the tour, click here  .

Thanks for taking a look at this amazing mansion and reading the blog – I sure do appreciate it!