Forsyth, GA – Monroe County – Looking at the antebellum Willingham House, I kept thinking something was different about it’s look.  It does not face the street.  That got me curious so did some digging to learn a little more about this home.

Willingham House, 1850s

Talking to the helpful folks at the Forsyth/Monroe Co Historical Society, I learned that several of the big houses were built facing the courthouse.  That helped to clear up why this house didn’t face the street!

The house was built in the 1850s by Dr. William C Wilkes, who was the first president of Monroe Female College (which later became Tift College).  He sold the home in 1863 to B.L. Willingham.  Later the house was owned by Banks Stephens – and the Willingham family bought the house in 1930.

Monroe County Courthouse, built 1896 (listed on National Register of Historic Places)

I finally found what’s unique about this Greek Revival House – in an old book by Medora Field Perkerson – White Columns of Georgia – the uneven number of columns!  That’s what’s different – the steps to the house are located on the side of the porch.  Mystery solved!

Willingham House

Glad to understand more about this beautiful old home!  And thanks so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it!


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  1. This house is an exercise in odd numbers. The history is amazing. It is unlike any of its peers due to the lack of symmetry. Pre-1920’s there was a pentagon room off the road facing side between the two chimneys.
    The gardens from 1929 and the Camilla bushes from that same period still remain.

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