Cottage Gardens – Natchez, MS

Cottage Gardens, c 1795

Natchez, Mississippi – Another favorite home from our Mississippi Road Trip – Cottage Gardens.  This beautiful home dates back to 1795 and has quite a storied history!

The home was initially built for Don Jose Vidal, Acting Governor in the area during the end of Spanish rule here (ending around 1800), before becoming a French territory.

Don Jose Vidal

The current appearance of the home is attributed to a subsequent owner, with major remodeling done around 1828.  This 1 1/2 story cottage just stopped me in my tracks – I wanted to learn more about it!  The oval window you see – it’s unusual in that it can be raised for ventilation.

See that oval window? It can be opened!

Inside the home is a gracious staircase, I was able to find a photograph from 1938, and one from 1979.

1938 Photograph by Frances Benjamin Johnston – Library of Congress

The 1979 photograph, at a slightly different angle, shows the wallpaper had been removed.

1979 Photo (NRHP Listing)

Noted photographer Earl Norman made this his family home for many years in the 20th Century – his work includes many great photographs of the area throughout the first half of the last century.

The house stayed in its configuration for many years – in fact, the brick kitchen and breakfast room were not attached to the main house until a 1963 restoration!

Brick Kitchen and Breakfast Room (1979 NRHP Photo)

One beautiful home with amazing history – Cottage Gardens is one of my favorites in Natchez!  It is a private home, but well worth stopping in front of it and admiring this historic home!

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