Winder, GA – Just a couple of miles outside of Winder is the Rockwell Universalist Church.  It’s the second oldest Universalist church in Georgia – organized in 1839.  Let’s take a look around this church and learn a little more of its history.

The current church building dates to 1881.  At that time it became known as Mulberry Church.  The style is similar to so many rural churches at the time – the door on the side of the church was a later addition.  The interior is simple and unadorned.

The church changed its name to Rockwell in 1925 due to the nearby Rockwell School.

The Universalist Church was a liberal Protestant Body, and in 1850 it was the 5th largest religious body in the United States.

Looking around the outside, I noticed the amber colored glass on the windows (hard to see in the photos).  These were added in 1972.  While we couldn’t see through them, I did find some interior photos from the National Register of Historic Places.

Exploring around the grounds out front, the historical marker gives a great overview of this historic church.

Looking around, it’s amazing to think of all the lives of those who have been here over the last 140 years.  When I was doing some research on the church, I found there’s a GoFundMe page – the floor joists are failing, and a large expense to take on.  Hopefully we will see this beautiful church preserved for another 140 years.

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