Monticello Presbyterian Church, 1898 building

Monticello, GA – Jasper County – Monticello Presbyterian Church was founded in 1829, and the church is still on the land purchased by the 5 founders of this church.  The church has grown over the years, and the current building dates back to 1898.

The original building, dating to 1830, was badly damaged in a storm in 1898.  The church built this beautiful 1898 building.  Looking around the church grounds, it’s a beautiful and peaceful place.

The church continued growing, and additions were made 3 more times – first in 1928, then 1952, and finally in 1999. You can see the additions looking at the photo below.Monticello Presbyterian Church

One thing I just loved looking at this church – the Little Free Pantry!  Such a fantastic idea.

Photo Courtesy of Monticello Presbyterian Church

This is one beautiful church, and I always enjoy visiting Monticello. I wrote a post of some of the beautiful homes in town some time ago:

Monticello – Beautiful Old Homes

Thank you so much for taking a look around this beautiful church!





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  1. I looked forward my family’s drive from Athens to Fort Valley to visit my Aunt, Monticello was one of the highlights .

  2. Hi, Lane – thank you so much for including Monticello Presbyterian Church in your blog! We’re glad you visited and welcome you back anytime. Everyone else, too!

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