Maysville, GA – This dogtrot cabin has quite an interesting history, originally built in the 1840s and occupied by the same family until 1992.  Even more amazing – it never had electricity or running water!

Freeman Log Cabin – 1840s

Originally located east of Nicholson, the cabin has been relocated and part of the Heritage Village at Hurricane Shoals Park.  More about that in a minute.

Hayden Jubal David and a slave built this 2 room cabin in the 1840s.  David married two times.  Daughter Leutitia married Joel Freeman, and they had 8 children here!

Exploring the 2 room cabin, you immediately notice the lower doorframe and ceiling that’s also low.  Amazing to think several generations of the same family lived here – Joel and Leutitia’s youngest child, Rufus Clyde Freeman – lived here until his death in 1992.

Freeman Log Cabin – interior

A wood stove was used for heat and cooking, and water came from a nearby spring.  While the cabin had a couple of additions over the year (which have been removed), I found it so interesting to think how it was never electrified.

The cabin was donated to the Tumbling Waters Society in the 1990s, and became part of Heritage Village at Hurricane Shoals Park.  Having several of Jackson County’s oldest buildings here has helped to preserve them – as well as save them from possible demolition.

I’ve got several more places to share from Heritage Village – if you’re in the area, it’s well worth a stop by here to see several great old buildings all in one spot!  Thanks so much for reading the blog – appreciate it!







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