Washington Presbyterian Church, Built 1825

Washington, GA – Wilkes County – I had an opportunity to visit Washington Presbyterian Church yesterday as part of a Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Expedition, a great tour of 20 different sites in the area.  The church actually dates prior to 1790 and has an interesting history – and it’s the oldest non-residential building in town.

When built in 1825, the sanctuary was a single room, with two doors leading into the church.  Why 2 doors?  Men and women entered separately because they sat on opposite sides of the church.

2 original outside doors – July 2018

The historical marker in front of the church provides a good overview of the history of this church.

Historic Marker

The pulpit area and steeple were added during the 1840s.  The lamps in the pulpit were originally oil lamps, dating to the 1840s.

Front porch – 1840s addition
Sanctuary and Pulpit area – note the 2 original oil lamps

Amazing to think of the many people who have worshiped here over the last 193 years!  A truly beautiful space and site to see while in Washington.  Thanks  so much for reading the blog, I appreciate it!