Eatonton, GA – Putnam County – Recently I was driving through Eatonton and as soon as I saw this house, got curious to learn a little more about its story.  Turns out this house is 200 years old, and has an interesting history!

The first owner of this beautiful home was Wiley Abercrombie.  The Abercrombie family were early settlers when Putnam County was created, and this house was built around 1818.

Abercrombie-Rosser-Hood House, September 2018

Turns out this isn’t the original location of this house!  The house was moved to this location sometime in the 1850s (sources state 1853 or 1858).  In fact, the floor boards still have visible markings of roman numerals on them – these were numbered to assist in moving the home.

I’m always amazed how houses were moved, especially considering lack of machinery we have today!

At some point the house had a Victorian front porch added which was still there in 1975.  The photo below also shows a different set of front steps to the house.

1975 Photo of House – Vanishing Georgia Archives, University System of Georgia

From what I read, the house went through a lot of renovations during the 1970s.  Old houses have a never ending need for maintenance and preservation.

Eatonton has an amazing variety of historic homes, I’ll be sharing some more individual homes soon.  I wrote an article quite a while back that highlights some homes in town, just click on the link below to see more beautiful homes:

Eatonton Favorite Old Homes (from January 2016)

Thanks so much for taking time to look at the blog – I appreciate it!

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