Maysville, Georgia – Center Presbyterian Church was organized in 1891 in the community of Center, Georgia.  Once abandoned, this is a preservation success story!  Moved in 1993, it’s now about 23 miles from it’s original location.

Heritage Village, Hurricane Shoals Park

Completed in 1892, the church had one wall blown down during a windstorm in 1932.  Mrs. Miles Wilson Matthews was instrumental in raising funds to repair the church.

Repairs were quickly completed, and the debt-free church restarted services in 1933.


Over the years, membership dwindled and services were last held here in 1947.  For 45 years the church remained in Center.

In 1992, Dwight Matthews, the sole surviving Church Elder deeded the church to the Jackson County Historical Society, and subsequently to the County. The church ended up being moved 23 miles north to Heritage Village at Hurricane Shoals Park, and subsequently restored.  Always enjoy sharing a preservation success story!



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