Toccoa, GA – Stephens County – Built around 1815 and expanded in the 1830s, Travelers Rest has been on my list to visit for ages.  Recently had an opportunity to visit this site, built along the Unicoi Turnpike and learn more of the 200 years of history here.

Originally built as a 2 over 2 (2 rooms over 2 rooms) by James R. Wyly.  The Turnpike – the first road to link North Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and North Carolina together.  Back in those days, there were several stagecoach inns along the way, as generally people could travel about 20 miles in a day.

In 1833, Devereaux Jarrett purchased the property, and more than doubled it in size.  While it still served as an Inn, it became the center of a 14,000 acre plantation.

Fireplace detail

The old parlor was one of the rooms used for the Inn.  The quilting rack hanging from the ceiling could be lowered in order to work on quilts.

Old Parlor – the quilting rack overhead

In the dining room, I had to stop and admire the dining table – it’s made from 3 large planks of walnut!  The amazing corner cabinet houses some of the original family china.

Dining Room

Down in the basement, I was interested to check out the kitchen.  There’s also a hip bathtub down here, but none upstairs.  Why?  It’s down here in order to be closest to a hot water source!

Basement Kitchen

Heading up tot he second story, the master bedroom was the nicest room in the house, and occasionally rented out – for $1 a night!  Several notable visitors stayed here, including 1850s Georgia Governor Joe Brown (it’s also known as the Joe Brown Room), who stayed here on his honeymoon.

Master Bedroom

The cradle in this bedroom dates to the 1840s, and is carved out of one black walnut log!  Generations of the Jarrett family used this cradle.

1840s cradle – carved out of one black walnut log!
Common Room

The Common Room had 4 beds in here at one time!  The mattresses had feathers in them during the winter, and were changed out for straw during the summer.

There are several outbuildings on the property, each interesting in their own right.

All in all, a really interesting spot to visit if you’re in the area!  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I sure do appreciate it!  I’m ready to head back and hang out on the great front porch!

Perfect spot at Travelers Rest


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