Atlanta, Georgia – Inman Park Neighborhood – Walking through Inman Park, this corner mansion gets your attention!  Built 1902-3 for Asa Candler, founder of Coca-Cola.  He had this home designed by architect George E. Murphy, and there are several neat features in this house.  This house reflects the wealth Candler had accumulated!

Asa Candler (photo from Wikipedia)

Inman Park has a great collection of large Victorian homes.  This Beaux Arts style mansion is one of the largest in the neighborhood, at around 14,000 square feet.

Callan Castle (photo July 2018)

Candler had the house built with a vault – to house the secret formula for Coca-Cola, and cash.  Additionally, several sources state there were a bowling alley and steam room in this house.  The roof to the house looks like tile – but it’s actually tin.  In a recent restoration of the house, the original color was discovered.  Coca-Cola Red!

Several Candler family members had homes in Inman Park, and later in the nearby Druid Hills neighborhood.

Candler lived in this home until 1916, when he built another home in the Druid Hills neighborhood (it’s now a church!).  In 1916 he also became Mayor of Atlanta, and handed over Coca-Cola operations to his children.

Candler was known for his philanthropy – providing a personal check for $1 Million for Emory University to establish it’s Atlanta campus, and donated 50 acres that we know today as Candler Park.  In addition, Atlanta’s Airport has it’s roots with the family – land donated that was originally known as Candler field.

Imagine the Atlanta history that happened during Candler’s time at Callan Castle!  This imposing home, along with many in Inman Park, fell into disrepair over the decades as this area fell out of fashion.  The preservation in the neighborhood over the last few decades is just incredible!

There are many great Victorian homes around Inman Park, and several are included in a post I did a couple of years ago:

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9 Replies to “Callan Castle, 1903 – Inman Park, Atlanta”

    1. He’s credited as the inventor of Coca-Cola and the formula. From what I recall, he sold the rights to Candler back in the mid-1880s.

  1. I was married at Callan Castle in 1986, when it was owned by “Dr.” Charles LeChesnay. I secured the financing for the house, and as a thank you, he let us marry there free of charge. I have many interesting stories about this period of the house’s history!

  2. My church youth group held a social here in about 1971. Yes, there is a bowling alley. But the most remarkable thing I remember is a huge pipe organ that ran two stories high, set between two massive curving staircases. I can’t find any mention of the organ in any of the articles about Chandler mansion. Wondering if anyone knows what became of it.

  3. I just saw this house for the first time while walking around Inman Park. I have a friend who lives around the corner. I fell in love with it. So beautiful! I came home and have been researching it. I just love it. I love our city and its history! I love reading these stories too.

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