Rock House, 2018

Thomson, GA – McDuffie County – Rock House, built 1785, is the oldest stone residence in Georgia.  With ties to former President Jimmy Carter, and several ghost sightings – I was excited to get to see inside of this abandoned house.

Thomas Ansley (1737-1809) was born in New Jersey, and later migrated to the Quaker Community of Wrightsboro.  The Rock House and a cemetery down the road are all that remain of this Quaker Settlement.

Ansley received land grants of 2,400 acres after the Revolutionary War, and set about building Rock House in 1785.  The fieldstone walls are 2 feet thick!

Stucco was added to the house around 1920, seen in the photo below.

Rock House, 1969 (NRHP Photo)

The house was continuously occupied until around 1950.  Once the house was abandoned, vandals did a lot of damage to the house.

Rock House
Rock House, 2018 – there are 2 doors to the front of the house

A Quaker Foundation was formed in the 1960s and set about repairing and restoring the house.  A fence was added around the property to help deter vandals (though there are still problems with vandals to this day!).

Side view of Rock House

In researching the Rock House, many mention Ansley as one of former President Jimmy Carter’s ancestors.

I was eager to take a look inside.  It’s in a remote location and I decided to just peek through the doorways into the house.  The huge fireplace in the photo below dominates the room

Interior of house

Rock House – Haunted?

In researching history of this house, there are many accounts of paranormal activity.  Some talk about strange noises, such as ringing of bells, hearing taps on the windows, footsteps, etc.

Rear view of house, 1969 (NRHP Photo)

Several ghost hunters mentioned that their camera batteries suddenly died while in the house.  You can read more about one crew’s visit to the house here.

Rock House
Rear view of house, 2018

My impression of this house – solid! The thick stone walls would help this house stay warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer.

While I do not know if the house is haunted or not, the house is a beautiful reminder of the times just after the Revolutionary War.  It’s amazing to think how the house was built, and the history its seen in its 200+ years.

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