Big Buckhead Church, built 1855

Perkins Community, Jenkins County – Big Buckhead Church in Jenkins County is the 3rd oldest Baptist Church in Georgia.  Established before the American Revolution, this rural church was also the scene of Cavalry Action during the Civil War. And luckily it was open the day I visited!

Established in 1774, this is actually the 4th church on this site, built in 1855.  It shows the wealth in the area during this time.  It is named for nearby Buckhead Creek.

Note the 2 doors to the church – one for men, one for women

I was excited to see this beautiful site open the day I visited.  It is beautiful preserved. While the exterior shutters are closed, you can see how large these windows are.

Inside Big Buckhead Church, 2018
Big Buckhead Church interior

A video look around the church.

The old cemetery is located just across the road from the church. I wanted to check this out but had an impatient passenger in the car!

Entrance to Big Buckhead Church Cemetery

There are a couple of historical markers in front of the church.  The first has more history of the church:

The church was also the scene of a Cavalry skirmish in November 1864.  According to some, there are hoofmarks in the back pews of this church!  I didn’t know this when I visited, or would have looked for them.

Civil War Historical Marker

I took one more look at this beautiful old church, then it was time to get back on the road.

An exterior video of the church:


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  1. Hi, could you take a video of the cemetery kind of across the street in the woods? I have an ancestor by the name of Middleton Thorn who is buried there along with his wife!

    1. I will try to do that the next time I’m in the area – just ran out of time this visit! How interesting to have an ancestor buried there!

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