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Milledgeville, GA – Baldwin County –  I love to walk around Milledgeville, the antebellum capital of Georgia.  So many beautiful old homes in the area.  I had to stop and admire this 1818 house – and it turns out this house has been moved 4 times in Milledgeville!

Hard to think of this house and all It has seen in the last 200 years!  And this house has moved around – literally.  The house moved 3 times at the intersection of Clarke and Green Streets – from one corner to the other, then to face another street.  The last move at Clarke and Green occurred in 1901.

Looking up from the street

The house was moved again – and restored – in 1991 to its current location.  I loved the setting, and would never have known its new to this location.  The picket fence just adds to the beauty of this house.

There are many great homes in Milledgeville, and I’ve written posts showing a few of the great homes, the link is below:

Milledgeville – Beautiful Old Homes

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