Sandersville, Washington County – Always fun to report on a preservation success story, and the Brantley-Haygood House is an amazing success. Originally built in the 1850s for Dr. Solomon Brantley, it looked much different – the Plantation Plain style.

As Dr. Brantley’s practice grew, another physician joined the practice.  Dr Hatch was not only a business partner, he became part of the family after marrying  Dr. Brantley’s daughter, Mary.

Brantley-Haygood House (Before Restoration) – courtesy of The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation)

There are reports that Mary Brantley pleaded with General Sherman to spare the house and town of Sandersville during the Civil War.  None of the houses were burned by Sherman.

Around 1898-1899, later owners of the house updated and expanded itinto the fashionable Victorian Style by noted local architect Charles E. Choate.

Brantley-Haygood House before restoration

By the 1950s, the house was purchased by the Haygood family.  The house was converted into apartments.   I’ve seen this happen many times to these grand old mansions.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation acquired this house as part of their Revolving Fund in 2001. Major preservation work was done by subsequent owners.  This program saves locally important structures from demolition.

Restoration details – love this porch!

I visited the area early in the summer – and this house proved  impossible to photograph!

Brantley-Haygood House hiding from photographs!
Best view I could get!

Sandersville has a number of beautiful homes, and I wrote an overview article some time back:

Sandersville – Beautiful Old Homes

One last look at the amazing before & after.  Thanks so much for reading the blog!


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