cobb-bucknell-leathers house
Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers House, c 1849

Athens, GA – Clarke County – The Cobb-Bucknell-Leathers house is one that stops you in your tracks. The history of the family at this antebellum Athens mansion is amazing.  Built circa 1849 for Howell and Mary Ann Lamar Cobb, this served as their home throughout a storied political career.

Howell Cobb (1818-1868) served many roles in politics – the 40th Governor of Georgia, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and Treasury Secretary. Howell Cobb also served as a Confederate Brigadier General in the Civil War, surrendering in Macon in April 1865.

Howell Cobb (from Wikipedia)

He married Mary Ann Lamar, and they had 11 (!) children.  The house was actually a gift from John B. Lamar, Mary Ann’s brother.  He managed Howell Cobb’s business affairs while he pursued his political career.

The house originally occupied a full city block, but it was moved in 1890 to the corner lot, and other homes built around it.  Almost hidden by magnolias it’s difficult to see the entire façade of this house.  Here’s a video taking a look at the front of this home.

You get a sense of how large this house is viewing it from the corner of the lot.  Another quick video:

The Cobb family played a prominent role in Athens, and I’ll have a couple of more Cobb houses to share on the blog soon.  Thanks so much for reading the blog, I appreciate it!

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