Hamilton-Phinizy-Segrest House, 1858

Athens, GA – Clarke County – The Hamilton-Phinizy-Segrest House, now home to Phi Mu at UGA, was built by the first millionaire in Georgia!  Colonel Thomas Hamilton had this home built, but died while it was still under construction.  His widow, Sarah, oversaw completion of the house.

The Hamilton’s children were next door neighbors – their son had the house to the north, and daughter lived in the house to the south.  I’ve heard there are/were tunnels connecting the houses!

This would have been the house size before Phi Mu purchased in 1964

The ornamental ironwork is absolutely beautiful.

Ironwork detail

In 1890, the house was sold to Ann Barrett Phinizy.  Her granddaughter, Laura Ann Phinizy Segrest was the last private resident of this house.  In 1964, the house was sold to Phi Mu at UGA.  Founded in 1921, Phi Mu is the oldest sorority at UGA.

Changes the sorority has made include the wings added to the sides of the house, and additional dorm space added to the back of the house.  They have done a great job maintaining this beautiful old home!

Hamilton-Phinizy-Segrest House, 1858

That’s a quick history of the Hamilton-Phinizy-Segrest House, appreciate you taking time to read the blog.  I’ve written posts on some other Athens antebellum homes, just click on the house name and it will take you to the post:

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