Harrell House, Thomasville

Thomasville, Georgia – Thomas County – The Harrell House in Thomasville appears much differently than it did in 1853, and it even faces a different street than when originally built.

When built in 1853, the one story house faced Remington Avenue – which was called the New Coffee Road at that time.

Side view shows original entrance to the house

In 1900 the house was owned by Seaborn Anderson Roddenbery, Jr (1870-1913).  He was a lawyer, then a judge…then president of the School Board…and mayor of Thomasville…then serving in Congress until his death in 1913.

Seaborn Anderson Roddenbery, Jr (from Wikipedia)

In 1900, the house was enlarged to the appearance we see today – a second story and the large columns.  The house was reoriented to face Hansell Street at that time.  The original entrance became the side porch.

The 1900 addition of Harrell House catching the morning sun.

Dr J.B Palmer bought the house, and made a couple of changes – those great double doors we see in the photo were added in 1918, and he moved the staircase to the house.

There are so many beautiful old homes in Thomasville, will add several more  on the blog soon.  Thanks for reading the blog, I appreciate it!



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