Mills B Lane House in the morning sun, overlooking Forsyth Park.

Savannah, Ga – Chatham County – The Mills B Lane House in Savannah, built 1907, overlooks Forsyth Park.  This mansion is over 14,000 square feet, and has an interesting history.  Even better – it can be yours – it’s for sale, listed at $6,750,000.
Situated on a large lot, the house looks across E Gaston Street at the beautiful Forsyth Park.  Mills B. Lane Sr had this house designed by the architects who built his bank building in Savannah.  The Lane family ran what became the largest bank in Georgia, C&S Bank.

Vintage Postcard of C&S Building in Savannah

Over the years, C&S grew all over Georgia – I remember seeing the green and white C&S signs when I was a kid.

Looking at this gorgeous home, the details become apparent just looking at the entry of the home.

Entry detail

The house is known for extensive details inside, and 29 hand-painted murals.  Here’s a view of the foyer:

From real estate listing
Details! From listing photos
Notice the hand-painted murals. From listing photos.

But wait, that’s not all!  This house also has a Billiard Room, Spa, and Wine Cellar!

You can check out more photos of the real estate listing here

Here’s a video view of the house I took on a morning walk in Savannah:

So that’s some family history of the original owners of this iconic Savannah home.  Appreciate you taking the time to read the blog!

One last look at this mansion!


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