Macon, GA – Bibb County – There are many beautiful old homes in Macon, and so many architectural styles!  This is the Nicholas Block House, aka Block-Coleman-Porter-Lovett House, build around 1906.  This mansion was nearly demolished in the 1970s!

When this Mediterranean villa style house was built, it was actually the second home to be built on this lot.  A prior house, belonging to the Parks family, was moved to another lot.

When built, the house had 6 bedrooms on the second floor – and the third floor was a spacious ballroom!

Block was a successful businessman in Macon, and owned one of the finest hotels in Macon, The Dempsey.  The Dempsey still stands, and is now apartments.  I found some vintage views of The Dempsey:

Vintage Postcard – from Georgia Archives Historic Postcard Collection

The Nicholas Block House was to the Coleman family in the 1920s.  Later, the house became a boarding house in the 1940s.

In the 1970s, the house was facing demolition – fortunately, the Ben Porter family bought this house and restored it to it’s former glory.

nicholas block house

It’s always great to find a preservation success story to share!  There are so many beautiful homes in Macon, I’ll have lots more to share in the near future.



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