Buena Vista, Newnan Georgia

Newnan, Georgia – Coweta County – Buena Vista is one of my favorite homes in Newnan.  Originally built around 1830, it’s one of the older houses in the area.  It’s also known as the Storey-Buchanan-Glover-Sumner House.

The first part of Buena Vista is not what we see from the street.  A cottage was built around 1830 by Edward Storey.  When looking at the house from an angle, it’s apparent this house has been added to over the years.

Buena Vista, side view

Hugh Buchanan, a Judge and US Congressman, bought the house and expanded it greatly.  The 2 story Greek Revival addition we see was completed in 1852.

Newnan grew quickly with the railroad, and had a population of 960 in 1860.  Large homes were built, reflecting how prosperous this area became.

Buena Vista

During the Battle of Brown’s Mill in July 1864, General Joseph Wheeler stayed here.  Newnan was a hospital city, and thus many old homes remain.

Buena Vista

Newnan has so many beautiful old homes, and is often called “The City of Homes” – this term has been used for around 100 years.  The variety of homes here reflects the trends of 200 years – Greek Revival, Victorian, Classic Revival – there are several historic districts with distinct styles.  Buena Vista, sitting back from the road, is one of my favorites.

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