Braselton, GA – Jackson County – One of my favorite houses in Braselton, the John Oliver Braselton House was built around 1910.  I’ve wanted to publish this house for a while, but waited as I love seeing it decked out for the holidays!

John O Braselton House, December 2018

The Braselton Brothers history has been well documented, the brothers opened a store that grew and grew in the early 1900s.  And as they prospered, they built beautiful homes here.  Braselton also got a lot of press in the late 1980s, when the entire town was for sale for $20 million.  It was purchased by a group of investors including actress Kim Basinger.  The thought was to turn the town into a tourist destination and filming location, but that never happened.

John O Braselton (from Braselton Downtown Development Authority)

This house has always commanded a corner right in the heart of town, along with several outbuildings behind it.

Outbuildings, John O Braselton House

The John O Braselton House has a build date of around 1910 – different sources say 1904, others say 1910 so we are going with around 1910.  The wraparound porches on this house are my favorite!

At one point there were large trees that blocked the view of the John Oliver Braselton House, see historic photo from Braselton Downtown Development Authority below:

Quite a contrast compared to today:

john oliver braselton house

Door detail

The house has remained a home to the Braseltons for several generations.  It’s one beautiful Old Georgia Home.  More to come on other beautiful Braselton homes.

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